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Last week, we talked about some simple ways to improve how you feel about yourself, both inside and out. It can be difficult to regain lost confidence and move forward, but fear and self-doubt can spell disaster for many aspects of life.

This week, we’re going to discuss additional ways for improving your self-esteem.

1. Celebrate Your Personal Growth

People change and grow as they get older and have more experiences. Be willing to embrace and celebrate this change in yourself! Let it lift up your self-esteem, rather than tear it down.

2. Understand Perfection Is Impossible

No one is good at everything, but everyone is good at something. Realizing your strengths and accomplishments can help put the things you aren’t so good at into perspective.

Make a list of accomplishments you are proud of when you’re feeling down or insecure. Everyone has strengths, weaknesses, faults, and charms. Give yourself the credit you deserve for your successes and your failures. Learning from your mistakes makes you a better, more secure person.

 3. Recognize Your Beauty

While the media may try to portray celebrities and models as the epitome of perfection, most of us realize that this standard of beauty is simply impossible. No real person has the proportions achieved with photo editing software, and no one is perfect!

Realizing that these standards of beauty are unrealistic is only the first step, however. You also need to realize what it is about you that makes you beautiful.

4. De-Stress

What helps you relax? Yoga? A hot bath? Dinner with friends? Try a de-stressing tactic when you feel insecure and anxious. Physical well-being and emotional well-being are closely linked, and stress, insecurity, and low confidence can affect your whole life.

5. Learn a New Skill

Taking on a new project is a great way to channel negative energy and turn it into something positive. Whether it’s learning a new language, gaining computer skills, or picking up a craft or hobby, mastering new skills can help boost your self-esteem.

A New You

If you’d like a fresh new look, a cosmetic treatment could give you just the confidence boost you need. While cosmetic surgery can’t fix self-esteem problems, feeling good about your appearance can help you improve your outlook.

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