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How Breasts Change After Breastfeeding

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What Changes During Pregnancy and After Nursing

When women become pregnant, their breasts start to change. With the growth of the mammary glands and increase in fatty tissue, breasts can become quite large. While many women do not mind this part of the pregnancy, they often wonder what will happen when they return to normal.

After delivery, the breasts will increase in size when full of milk, but quickly shrink as milk is drained by the baby or with a pump. After breastfeeding, breast tissue may be much different than prior to pregnancy.

Since there are constant changes in breast volume during breastfeeding, the skin can become loose. After weaning, some women’s skin will shrink back, but not all of the time. Some women end up with loose skin, which can cause their breasts to hang low.

The texture of the breasts can change as well. Since they were filled with milk for months, fatty tissue doesn’t always return and that causes them to look flat.

What to Do About Low Hanging, Deflated Breasts

The only way to keep perky breasts is to never become pregnant or get old. Since these are two situations that most women either don’t or can’t avoid, plastic surgery can help.

With breast augmentation and a breast lift, you can get your full, perky bust back.

Implants – You can choose from saline or silicone implants. You can also select the size you want. Some women select the same size they were pre-pregnancy, while others go up in size.

Fat Transfer – This is a natural way of filling out your breasts. Fat is taken from another part of your body (abdominal, thighs, arms, etc.) and placed into each breast via fat injections in all the right places.

Lift – A lift will take care of sagging. The plastic surgeon will remove any excessive skin and stretch the remaining skin to bring the breasts to a higher position. This is what gives you back the lift and perkiness you once had.

Learn More about Breast Augmentation

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