We lead busy lives nowadays. There’s always something to do or somewhere to go. Over time, this kind of lifestyle can leave us not only feeling tired, but looking tired too. Since that isn’t how most of us want to live life, we thought it would be good to remind everyone how they can feel more energized and look less tired.

How to Stop Feeling and Looking So Tired - Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY

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Get Enough Sleep

This is an obvious one, but it’s worth mentioning. The National Sleep Foundation recommends adults get 7 hours of sleep each night. Some people need more sleep such as 8, 9, or even 10 hours. The best way to figure out how much sleep you need is to start with 7 hours and then assess how you feel the next day.

If you are still feeling tired, try to increase the time you sleep by 15 minutes each day until you don’t feel as tired anymore. Just know that if you haven’t been sleeping for a while, you’re in a sleep deficit. It might take a few days for you to catch up on those hours missed and then you may be fine with seven hours.

Eat Healthy Foods and Staying Hydrated

Healthy foods are your body’s fuel. It’s just like putting good gas in your car. Be sure to eat 3 healthy meals a day and small snacks in between meals, if needed. This will keep your body’s energy up throughout the day so that you feel more energized.

While you’re eating healthy, be sure to drink enough water. Not only will this prevent fatigue and help you think more clearly, but it will also keep your skin hydrated. Being hydrated will help increase skinbrightness, just as if you’ve had a good night’s rest.

How to Look Less Tired

Even if you’re sleeping enough and eating healthy foods, you may still look tired. This can simply be due to the natural aging process. Aging causes sagging eyelids and fat accumulation under the eyes (what most people call “bags” under the eyes). This can make it seem like your eyes are screaming for a good night’s rest. Unfortunately, more sleep will likely not make it go away. That’s why many people choose eye lift surgery, or blepharoplasty.

Blepharoplasty lifts sagging eyelids and tightens the muscles around the eyes. This makes the eyes look more alert and brighter. The procedure also removes the excess fat from underneath the eyes. The results are not only a more energized look, but a more youthful look too.

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