How to Protect Your Skin During Autumn. Blog By Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY located in Long Island and NYC

The fall season is just around the corner. Your skin needs special attention no matter what time of year it is. The following are ways you can protect your skin as the temperature outside becomes cooler.

The Fall and Your Skin

How to Protect Your Skin During Autumn. Blog By Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY located in Long Island and NYC

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The summer in New York can be hot and humid. This is a significantly different climate than what we experience in the fall when the weather is cool and dry. Since the air becomes drier, the skin acclimates to what it receives the brunt of it, in this case, lacking humidity.

About Moisturizer

Moisturizer is your best defense against the dryness of the fall season. It protects your skin from dehydration, which will in turn keep wrinkles and other weather-related skin imperfections at bay.

Just about any type of moisturizer can be used, as long as it’s specifically made for the face. Skin on the face can be much more sensitive than other parts of the body, which is why gentle moisturizers are best.

Some people make the mistake of choosing moisturizer without SPF because they don’t believe they need it anymore because they are not in the hot, summer sun. The truth is that ultraviolent rays are still present in any type of weather, and they can still damage your skin. Be sure to wear a moisturizer with SPF 30 of above to protect your skin throughout the year.

Protecting the Skin in the Shower

As much as a hot shower can feel good after being outside in the chilly weather picking pumpkins, it’s not good for your skin. The hot, steamy shower can dry out the skin quickly. This is why sometimes your skin may feel dry and tight after taking a hot shower.

This does not mean you have to take a cold shower, just turn down the temperature a little so it’s comfortable to you. The best way to know if it’s the right temperature is to walk right into the water. If you can do that without flinching because of the heat, it’s probably the right temperature.


Sleep is incredibly important to beautiful, healthy skin. Be sure to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night. Don’t deprive yourself of a nap on the weekends or during the week if it’s possible. Sleep is how your body rejuvenates itself, which leads to beautiful skin.

Drink Water

Drinking water is still as important in the fall as it was in the summer. Your body depends on that water even if you’re not sweating because it is dry outside. Try to drink at least 8 large glasses of water a day (64+ ounces!).

To give your skin and immune system a boost, drink a cup of hot water with lemon first thing in the morning. It will help re-energize your skin and fight toxins. This can keep you looking and feeling great throughout the season.

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