How to Get a Curvy Butt. Blog By Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY located in Long Island and NYC.

You want a tight, firm, and toned butt, but you’re not sure how to get those results, right? Well, here are some of the best exercises to help.

Toe Taps

How to Get a Curvy Butt. Blog By Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY located in Long Island and NYC.

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To do toe taps, start by lying on the floor with your arms by your sides. Lift your knees so that your thighs are perpendicular to the floor and then lift your feet up in the air. Bring one leg down so you can tap your toes on the floor, then lift it and repeat with the other leg. Alternate between legs for three sets of 15 on each leg. If you feel any pain in your back, stop doing this exercise and call your doctor.


Squats are great for toning your glutes. Start with your feet shoulder-width apart and then squat down like you’re going to sit in a chair. Keep your weight on the heels of your feet, and squeeze your glutes as you come back up to a standing position. Do 10 reps at a time for three sets. You can add a challenge by holding weights in your hands. Don’t let your knees bend over your feet on the way down (maintain a 90 degree angle).


Stand with your feet together and your hands on your hips. Bring your left leg forward into a lunge position. Then step back and do the same with your right leg. You can also try explosive lunges where you jump out of the previous lunge and into the next. (This also tests your coordination and balancing skills.) Again, if you feel any pain in the back, hips, knees, etc., stop right away and call your doctor.

If You Want to REALLY Achieve Your Dream Butt…

Consider a Brazilian butt lift, which can help you put the finishing touches on all the exercise and hard work you’ve done. A BBL can take your glutes to another level. With this procedure, we remove fat from other areas of your body and then inject it in the buttocks. We also use Smartlipo® in the harvested areas to smooth and tighten the skin to give you a fantastically smooth, tight look.

Free Consultation for Brazilian Butt Lift in Commack or NYC

We perform Brazilian butt lifts at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York. Our plastic and cosmetic surgeons in New York and Long Island can help you achieve your dream curves. Contact us Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM and until 6:00 PM on Saturdays by calling 212-206-0023. We can help you decide if a BBL can help you boost, tighten, and contour your body to put the finishing touches on your gorgeous look.

*Smartlipo is a trademark of Cynosure, Inc. See your doctor before starting any exercise or diet program.