How to Dress Up Small Breasts. Blog By Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY located in Long Island and NYC

If you’re small breasted, you are probably all too familiar of the struggles of wearing certain types of clothes. Some shirts don’t hug your figure because most are for made those with bigger breasts. The result is that you’re either left with a loose fit or bunched fabric where you don’t want it.

Of course, you can go down in size to achieve a better fit in the chest area, but for some women, the bottom of the shirt ends up being too small.

There has to be a solution, right?

When you’re small breasted, you need to choose clothing styles that complement your figure. The following are the most popular styles for those with a bra size of AA or A.

Embezzled Tops

How to Dress Up Small Breasts. Blog By Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY located in Long Island and NYC

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Choose shirt styles that have a design toward the top of the shirt. The design should rest on your chest, so that it takes away the attention that may otherwise be focused on the size of the chest. In other words, most people won’t notice you’re small chested because they will be so impressed with the shirt’s design.

Show Off Shoulders and Back

Halter-tops and sleeveless shirts are wonderful additions to the wardrobe. They show off the shoulders and back, which is a very sexy look. A bra is a non-issue for petite women, so it’s perfect.

Scoop Necks and V-Necks

Women with a flatter chest don’t have to worry about their “girls” popping out of their shirt. This means a deep or low-cut shirt or dress can be worn with confidence (there won’t be a wardrobe malfunction). Again, since bras can be an issue with this type of style, small cup size doesn’t lend itself to this kind of concern.

Crew and Boat Neck

Crew and boat necks look the best. The good news is that these styles are easily found online and in stores. When you add this style of shirt with an embezzled design, it takes attention away from the chest.

Breast Enhancement Surgery in NYC or Commack

If you’ve already tried all of these styles and you’re still left feeling as though you’re missing something when it comes to cup size, it may be time to think about breast augmentation. Implants or fat transfer can help you achieve the look you want.

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