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Choosing a plastic surgeon is one of the biggest decisions you can make, so don’t take it lightly. Those who choose a surgeon based on the cheapest prices are asking for surgical complications and other unnecessary risks to their health and appearance.

While there are risks involved in any type of surgery, most of the time, the bad situations usually have to do with the surgeon’s lack of experience. With that being said, the following are some of ways you can tell if a plastic surgeon has what it takes to perform plastic surgery well.

Board Certification

The American Board of Plastic Surgery certifies doctors who have gone through a rigorous training process. This training includes five years of general surgery and at least two years of plastic surgery. Written and oral exams are also given to receive the certification. To remain board certified, plastic surgeons must take continuing medical education and pass a written test every 10 years.

Member of a Professional Organization

When a plastic surgeon is a member of a professional organization, it means he stays on top of plastic surgery developments in the field and ensures he meets the organizations’ standards. The surgeon you choose should be a member of one of these organizations:

  • The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • The American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • The American Academy of Dermatology

A Clean Record

Some patients fail to thoroughly research the plastic surgeon they choose. For those who don’t, the risk is greater that they may end up selecting someone with a history of medical mistakes. Medical boards for each state often put plastic surgeons that have had a medical malpractice suit against them on a list. You can check that list on the medical board’s website.

Hospital Privileges

While some plastic surgeons perform surgery at an outpatient clinic, it is important to choose someone that also has hospital privileges, even if the procedure is not performed there. Hospitals do background checks on doctors. If a doctor does not have hospital privileges, there is a possibility that something came up in the background check process.

Open Book

A plastic surgeon should care about answering all of his patients’ questions. If he is defensive because a patient is questioning him, it is probably because either he does not feel confident in his abilities or he is hiding something. Asking plenty of questions during a consultation is a great way to gauge how good a plastic surgeon is when it comes to his work.

Questions you should ask are:

  • What is your area of expertise?
  • How many years have you been a plastic surgeon?
  • How many times have you performed this procedure?
  • Do you have before and after photos of past patients?
  • Is the place where surgery will be performed a certified surgical facility?
  • How much will the procedure cost in total?

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