How Rhinoplasty Changes Another Facial Feature. Blog By Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY located in Long Island and NYC.

Though specifically focused on the feature of the nose, rhinoplasty has been found to change another facial feature in many cases: the projection of the upper lip. This comes as a surprise to many people, but not to the experienced facial plastic surgeons at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York.

About How the Nose Affects the Upper Lip

How Rhinoplasty Changes Another Facial Feature. Blog By Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY located in Long Island and NYC.

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Rhinoplasty, which is a surgery that focuses particularly on the nose and its shape, is one of the more popular types of facial enhancements that we do. In many cases, our surgeons are asked to increase the tip projection of the nose. This is an increase of the distance of the nose’s tip from the plane of the face, which gives the nose an upturned look.

While it is very popular, most patients do not realize it also has the potential to change the projection of the upper lip. When rhinoplasty is performed to increase tip projection, the upper lip’s projection also increases, and inversely, when a nose job decreases the tip angle, it will often de-project the upper lip.

Is This a Positive or Negative Effect?

Every person’s face is different, and every surgery will have slightly different effects based on the intensity of the changes made and the individual’s facial structure. As a result, it is very difficult to say whether this effect is wholly positive or negative. Some individuals ask for an upper lip projection in order to make that feature more visible. In this situation, the new feature is desired, and patients like it.

Rhinoplasty and Lip Projections

Knowing this shouldn’t make you rethink the idea of getting rhinoplasty, but we want you to merely understand that a change to one part of the face might not be completely isolated from affecting the surrounding features. Having more knowledge about the procedure will allow you to have better expectations going into it.

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