Back to school plastic surgery trend with teens by A. Abraham Levin, MD.

The reason we decided to enter the field of plastic surgery is because of the amazing procedures available that can change people’s lives forever.

We hear many stories from patients each day, and many are uplifting tales of how plastic surgery has improved their life. These stories remind us how important our jobs are each day.

Ragini – A Girl Saved by Plastic Surgery

Today, we’d like to feature a special story covered by the National Geographic website. It’s about a little girl named Ragini. She was severely burned by lamp oil when she was a toddler. Her face, neck and chest were burned. She was unable to look up by lifting her head because skin had fused her face to her neck.

The physical consequences of the accident were bad enough, but the emotional scars made the situation even worse. Kids in school bullied her by calling her “Burned Girl.” With an emphasis on appearance in her culture, her parents feared she would never marry, which would cause her to be unhappy her whole life.

Money is tight for Ragini’s parents, so they never imagined they would be able to do anything about the burns on their daughter’s face and body. Luckily, Dr. Subodh Kumar Singh learned about the case, and offered to help through the charity WonderWork. This charity helps children just like Ragini receive plastic surgery to improve their life – physically and emotionally.

After Dr. Singh performed the plastic surgery, Ragini was able to lift her head and look towards the sky. She was also able to smile – a great big smile.

With future plastic surgery procedures, Dr. Singh hopes to reduce the appearance of the scars on her face and body. This may help Ragini live without the ridicule she currently endures.

Ragini’s story is a heartwarming one. Take a couple of minutes to watch this video to see what she’s been through and how far she’s come.

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