Beauty is subjective. What you believe is beautiful may be different from what someone else believes is beautiful. Our perception of beauty also changes as we grow older. What we may think is beautiful when we’re 20 can be much different from what we think is beautiful in our 40’s or 50’s.

Understanding how our perception of beauty changes as we age can help us see beauty really is how we feel about ourselves rather than our appearance.

Going from Media Obsession to Avoidance

When we’re young, beauty is often defined by what is in the media. We turn to magazines, television commercials, shows, and the Internet to define what society sees is beautiful. These beauty standards are often unnatural, as most of the images we see have been airbrushed or Photoshopped.

As we age, we begin to see that beauty portrayed in the media isn’t as beautiful as we once thought. We start to realize that natural is more attractive, even if that natural beauty is enhanced with makeup or plastic surgery.

Widening the Scope of Beauty

When we’re young, we form a mental image of what is beautiful in our minds. This ideal appearance of the face and body becomes something that many of us aim for as we try to understand our identity.

As we grow older, however, we open our minds to the fact that there isn’t just one standard for beauty; it comes in many shapes and forms. We realize that people are beautiful because they are unique.

Beauty Grows from External to Internal Factors

When we’re young adults, most of us are attracted to physical attributes such as the shape of a person’s body or the seeming perfection of their face.

This usually leads us to idolize people based on not only their attractiveness on the outside, but how they act towards others. Magically, we not only start to want to look like those idols, but act like them, too.

As we become older, we realize beauty is much more than just what is on the outside. Someone’s personality and character have more to do with how beautiful he or she is, especially when we want to form a relationship with that person.

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