How Laser Joules Maximize Smartlipo Results. Blog By Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY located in Long Island and NYC.

People around the U.S. are getting Smartlipo™. Results from this laser-assisted liposuction produce amazingly tight results and a slimmer contour in the treated areas.

With the increase in patient demand, many plastic and cosmetic surgeons are now offering it. Not all providers are the same, however, and there are some important things to look for when choosing someone to perform this procedure.

Laser Joules for Better Results

How Laser Joules Maximize Smartlipo Results. Blog By Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY located in Long Island and NYC.

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At Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York, we use laser joules. This is a measurement of strength of the laser beam energy. In other words, it helps us know how strong the laser beam is so that the treated areas can be worked on with increased precision.

For areas that need the greatest fat melting and skin tightening, the laser beam will need to be stronger, while other areas may not need as much. Without this instrument, areas that need a stronger laser beam may not get enough treatment, which could hamper results.

Not all plastic and cosmetic surgeons use the maximum amount of joules for the laser. They simply treat all areas the same (within minimal to no joules). While this can produce some results, we believe that our patients deserve maximum results from their liposuction experience.

What Else to Look For

How many laser joules are used is just one factor you should consider when choosing a provider. You should also ask how many years of experience the doctor has had. Your end result highly depends on the skill and experience level of the surgeon performing the procedure.

Laser liposuction isn’t easy, and knowing exactly how many joules are ideal and where to place the laser beam is crucial. Don’t allow someone who has just started offering the procedure treat you, even if it costs less!

Watch out for anyone who tells you that laser liposuction helps you lose weight. It will NOT reduce your weight by pounds. Smartlipo will result in ounces lost. Think of it as a solution for losing inches and toning at the same time (think smaller, tighter treated areas!).

Get Laser Lipo in Manhattan or Commack

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