How Gynecomastia Surgery Can Help Business Professionals. Blog By Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY located in Long Island and NYC.

There’s one attribute that people in the business world need – confidence. Without it, it’s difficult to pursue opportunities that could send your sales soaring to new heights.

The problem is that men with gynecomastia have trouble with confidence. Due to breast tissue and gland overgrowth, they often worry if others will know what is underneath their suit and tie.

There are tricks that men do to hide it, such as:

  • Wearing a suit jacket all the time because a dress shirt alone will show the chest.
  • Buying suits and other business outfits that are larger than needed to create bulk.
  • Using a compression garment under clothing to flatten the breasts.

While these tricks may work to hide the secret, it’s not ideal. No man should have to worry this much about his appearance throughout the day.

When you can think less about what people are noticing about you, you can start to focus more on growing your profits and/or leading your team. Your perspective about the world could completely change. You may acquire a renewed sense of accomplishment; doors can seem as if they are suddenly opening up all around you.

How Male Breast Reduction Can Help

How Gynecomastia Surgery Can Help Business Professionals. Blog By Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY located in Long Island and NYC.

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Don’t spend another day looking in the mirror wishing you could get it fixed. Do something about it. Surgery can remove the overabundance of breast tissue and glands. All that’s left behind will be a flatter, tighter chest contour.

Our surgical methods are gentle and extremely effective; don’t let the idea of surgery scare you away. For the highest safety and greatest affordability, local anesthetic with IV sedation is used (versus general anesthesia).

We use laser liposuction to remove fat from the breasts, which gently melts away the fat and tightens the skin at the same time. This method allows for minimal blood loss and fastest recovery time. Our practice is one of the few that also removes the entire gland to produce the most satisfying cosmetic result for our patients.

Our team will review your medical history, current health, and any medications you’re on to determine if you are a candidate. We require bloodwork to get additional information to ensure that you are in excellent health to undergo surgery.

Gynecomastia Surgery in New York City and Commack

It’s time to do something about your enlarged male breasts, so you can start feeling better about yourself. Call Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York today for a free consultation with one of our plastic or cosmetic surgeons in Manhattan or Long Island at 212-206-0023 or 631-499-1831. We are open Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM, and until 6:00 PM on Saturdays.

We look forward to helping restore your confidence in both your professional and personal life through this body-transforming procedure!