How Ethnic Traits Impact Plastic Surgery. Blog By Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY located in Long Island and NYC.

Many people who choose to have facial plastic surgery take certain ethnic traits into consideration. This is an important detail for both the doctor and the patient to remember.

Before you decide to get any procedure (such as rhinoplasty), it’s best to ask yourself how your traits may impact which changes you choose to make.


How Ethnic Traits Impact Plastic Surgery. Blog By Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY located in Long Island and NYC.

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Between Ethnic Traits and Cosmetic Changes

One of the most important considerations associated with ethnic traits and their impact on plastic surgery is that people do not want to lose what makes them unique and what ties them to their ethnic background.

The assumption that everyone should conform to European beauty traits is dead. Making sure that patients are still able to recognize their own ethnicities after surgery is important. An experienced and skilled facial plastic surgeon should take this into consideration during the initial consultation as well as during surgery.

How Can You Prepare?

Making sure you understand what you want to achieve, and which features you intend to preserve is very important. There are specific methods and techniques used to make sure this can be achieved, and while each and every patient has different requirements, it is necessary to be completely honest with your provider about what you are looking for.

Another great way to prepare for your procedure is to make sure your doctor has ample experience performing similar procedures on individuals of your same ethnic background. This will allow you to ensure that he or she will be sensitive to your needs and skilled enough to create the exact results you desire.

It may help to bring along a picture of the look you would like to achieve. This picture should be of someone of the same ethnic background, so you can point out what you do or don’t want to change.

Ethnic Plastic Surgery in Manhattan and Commack, NY

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