Subconsciously, it may feel less taboo to drink a sugary latte from your favorite coffee shop than to chow down on the brownie sitting next to it, but the sad truth is that in many cases, the brownie is better for you.

Health experts are alarmed by how many calories we're drinking instead of eating. Why? Extra calories from beverages are easy to lose track of--and can quickly pack on the pounds.

Same Calories, Different Mindset

Your body doesn't treat beverages the same way as food, and neither do you. Beverages are consumed without chewing, and usually rather quickly. Your body is more likely to want food after you finish the drink, because it's still not feeling full, despite the calories.

While it's easy to gloss over the hidden calories in a sugar-laden smoothie or iced coffee drink, it's more difficult to ignore the obvious fat, calories, and sodium in a big burger on your plate.

Do You Know What's In Your Cup?

Lately, more people have been paying attention to what's in the food they eat. Most of us try to purchase food with fewer chemicals and additives, while choosing organic produce, and non-GMO foods.

Unfortunately, that doesn't always carry over to what we drink. Few people scrutinize labels on drinks like bottled sweetened tea or coffee drinks, and though coffee itself contains few calories, many people like to add a little cream and sugar--or a lot. Several cups later, this adds up.

How Drinking Your Calories Can Make You Fat

Want to know how many calories you're actually drinking? Take a look at these drinks ( which can contain thousands of calories and hundreds of grams of sugar.


Of course, drinking water is best whenever possible. But if you're craving something more, go low sugar, low fat, and low additives. Add fruit slices (oranges and strawberries) or a splash of pure fruit juice to sparkling water for guilt-free excitement. And remember, if you indulge: don't drink a giant cup! Moderate portions are the key to not going overboard.

Want a Slimmer, Sexier Body?

Cutting down on unhealthy beverages can do wonders for your health and your waistline. But if you're still not happy with your physique after taking our advice, come in to our offices for more information on how plastic surgery could transform your body.

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*The information on this page is not intended to be used as medical advice in any way. Always consult with your doctor for any health related concerns and before starting a new diet or exercise program.