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BOTOX is usually thought of for reducing wrinkles and crease sin the face for a smoother and more youth full look. But what about its other uses? Can it help solve health issues as well?

As a matter of fact, BOTOX is now being used for a number of different medical treatments. The way that it works is unique in that it paralyzes the muscles where it is injected. The botulinum toxin A is a strong agent that works in the muscle tissue and nerves to cause it to be immobile , or paralyzed, for about 3-6 months.

Cervical Dystonia

People with cervical dystonia, a disease associated with abnormal head and neck pain, can benefit from BOTOX injections. The pain can be decreased and a person’s range of motion can improve following treatment. This is possible through pinpoint injections in the places where the muscles and nerves are inflamed and irritated.

Excessive Sweating

If you are embarrassed by excessive sweating, getting BOTOX injections in your armpits can help. It helps to treat severe primary axillary hyperhidrosis, which is associated with extreme underarm sweating. The treatment can also help to eliminate sweating in the upper lip, feet, forehead, and palms of the hands.


Neurologists also use BOTOX to treat migraines and other cranial pain. The exact mechanism of action is not yet fully understood with migraines, but it is thought that Botox helps to relieve muscle contractions in the forehead and scalp which can improve blood flow and help prevent pinched nerves from occurring. Thirty-one injections are placed in seven specific places on the head with results lasting about 3 months.

Ready for Relief?

If you have a medical issue that can be treated with BOTOX, don’t wait another day to get help from your medical doctor. And if you’re looking for cosmetic services using this amazing substance, our BOTOX NY centers are standing by to make an appointment for a free consultation to see if it is right for you.

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