arm_lift_new_york_arm_lift_manhattan_surgeonHave you heard about the “newest” liposuction technique? It’s called “superficial liposuction” because it focuses on the fat just under the skin’s surface. It claims to give smoother results and better skin tightening, but is this true?

A recent report by several plastic surgeons who together performed superficial liposuction on 2398 patients showed that superficial lipo patients had more complications than traditional suction liposuction patients.

Included are higher risks for surface irregularities, such as lumps, bumps and depressions in the skin’s surface. This confirms our long-held view on this topic and is the reason we offer conventional tumescent liposuction, power-assisted lipo and SmartLipo and do not offer superficial lipo.

What is Superficial Liposuction?

Superficial liposuction is the removal of fat from the intermediate and superficial layers, whereas conventional suction-assisted liposuction removes fat from the deepest layers. It has been touted on the internet as a solution for excessive sweating, oddly enough. A supposed benefit of superficial liposuction is that is provides better skin tightening and fewer surface irregularities.

We beg to differ and so do the surgeons of the above-mentioned 2398 patients over a period of 14 years. In fact, the most common complication was postoperative contour irregularity. This study disproves the notion that superficial liposuction has the ability to give you a better result than more traditional techniques.

Traditional liposuction has years and years of proven results.

It’s always smart, however, to remember that the hand that holds the cannula is the best predictor of beautiful results. We are liposuction specialists and, therefore, have performed hundreds of liposuction procedures.

Trust experience and results when you seek liposuction. Check out our before and after liposuction photos for more proof of our skill and experience.

To Smooth Liposuction Results,

The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team

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