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Want to get rid of wrinkles? Just drink water—a lot of it! Not a believer? According to The Westmoreland Gazette, a new study from England might just change your mind.

The study was performed by a group of independent doctors over the course of eight weeks. Volunteers underwent an in-depth complexion analysis using the Canfield VISIA camera.

Following their analysis, the subjects were asked to drink 1.5 liters of water daily without changing their daily skincare routine or diet.

Some of the participants were asked to drink tap water, while others were given mineral-rich Willow Water that is bottled in England. Willow Water contains compounds including calcium and salicin from willow bark. Salicin, when digested, metabolizes into the popular ingredient in skincare products, salicylic acid, a derivative of Aspirin.

At the end of 8 weeks, the participants’ skin was analyzed once more with the VISIA camera. The researchers found that patients who simply drank water saw a 19% reduction in wrinkles and the Willow Water drinkers saw a 24% reduction.

“It’s clear from the VISIA data that regularly drinking water can promote more youthful looking skin and can improve the skin’s appearance, particularly in the case of wrinkles,” said principal clinical investigator Dr. Thornton MacCallum of Cotswold Medical Aesthetic.

The study was double blind and placebo-controlled. The VISIA imaging system is currently used in medical practices throughout the world and is known for it’s pinpoint accuracy.

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Now that’s something to drink to!

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