By A. Abraham Levin, MD.

Gynecomastia surgery is the only way to combat man boobs - By A. Abraham Levin, Cosmetic Surgeon in NYC & Long Island

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Gynecomastia is a medical condition suffered by men who have enlarged breast tissue not due to being overweight.

The excess male breast tissue forms an enlarged (and sometimes sagging) breast that resembles a woman’s breast. This can cause severe embarrassment and shame.

There are many possible causes for the hormonal imbalances that lead to gynecomastia, including medications, puberty, and steroid use.

While many creams and pills promise to cure a man’s gynecomastia, these products do not provide permanent results. Some products claim to work for 99% of men who use it. They tout all-natural ingredients and botanical extracts such as cacao, green tea, chromium, and caffeine.

Further, they claim that these ingredients will easily reduce the fatty tissue that cause enlarged mammary glands and that results can be seen in just a few months. Even though commercials for these products assert that it’s like magic in a bottle; pills and creams cannot cause male breast reduction to occur.

Why Pills Don’t Work

Some men want to believe that pills will offer a simple and affordable solution to reducing the size of their breasts. But this isn’t the case at all. The underlying problem is found deep within the body. The hormones that cause gynecomastia cannot be fixed by simply taking a pill.

Hormones are responsible for the sexual characteristics of men and women, including hair growth, and breast and muscle development. Too much estrogen in a male’s body can lead to the overdevelopment of male breasts.

Pills will not be able to reverse these estrogen levels in the blood and are not powerful enough to absorb excess hormones. That’s the first reason why pills cannot cure gynecomastia.

The second reason why they don’t work is this: Although companies promise to deliver results, they cannot remove excess fatty tissue or breast glands that have developed as a result of this medical condition.


Just like pills, creams will only work at a skin-deep level. Your body will absorb the contents of the cream, but the cream will not be able to fix the hormones or remove the excess tissue.

Gynecomastia Surgery in NYC & Commack

Stop spending money on creams, powders and pills. They simply do not work!

In order to fully get rid of enlarged male breasts, surgery is required. The experienced team in our Gynecomastia Surgery NYC & Long Island centers in New York can help you change your life for the better.

Male breast reduction surgery is affordable and will increase your happiness and self confidence. And we offer excellent financing options!

Why go another month popping pills and spreading creams on your chest that don’t work? Pick up the phone and call our offices to schedule an initial consultation with either myself or my surgical team. You’ll get life-changing results that last a lifetime.