Study finds using fat injections with gynecomastia surgery brings good results. Blog by A. Abraham Levin, MD.

In an August 19, 2015 study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, it was found that 49% of the subjects developed gynecomastia during puberty.

Once thought of as a less common occurrence, the medical community is now recognizing that pubertal gynecomastia is “frequent”. The purpose of the study, however, was to determine what might be happening inside of the body to cause the condition in the first place.

Gynecomastia Related to Insulin Growth Factor in Puberty By A. Abraham Levin, MD.

The bottom line in this study:

  • Gynecomastia develops frequently during puberty.
  • High levels of IGF-I are directly related to the condition.
  • Sex hormones during puberty are not likely to cause gynecomastia.

Insulin Factors, Not Sex Hormone Imbalance

In pre- and post-pubescent males, a physiological change takes place, which can cause the male breasts to enlarge. It was once assumed that an imbalance of estrogen and testosterone was to blame for the development of gynecomastia in this population.

However, the study found that high levels of Insulin Growth Factor, or IGF-I, are what causes breast enlargement.

The increased presence of IGF-I in the younger subjects, specifically, seemed to be the cause of gynecomastia development.

Insulin growth factors have been found to drive gynecomastia during puberty versus sex homrones, as once assumed.

Do You Have A Teen With Gynecomastia?

If you are the parent of a teen with gynecomastia (or are a teen suffering from it), we can help. Blood tests and a thorough physical exam are essential to determining what is going on in the body.

Certain substances such as marijuana, certain prescription medications, heroin, and methamphetamine can also cause breast growth in males, so it is imperative to be completely truthful and honest with your doctor. You can trust them to help you!

Gynecomastia that lasts longer than two years is likely to remain long term. In the study above, most cases of gynecomastia resolved themselves within one year, and that is the normal range for resolution. However, it can sometimes take up to one year longer.

Free Consultation for Teens with Gynecomastia in NYC & Long Island

It’s uncommon for us to operate on minors, or those under the age of 18. However, if a well-established case of gynecomastia exists for over two years and the teen is healthy, surgery may be considered as a viable option.

This is especially valid in cases where it can be proven that mental and emotional anguish is being caused by the condition.

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