Lots of women dream of having big breasts. The exact opposite holds true for men.

Statistics provided by Livestrong.com quote that up to 70 percent of teens and 40 percent of men suffer from a male breast-enlarging condition called gynecomastia.

Nicknamed man boobs, this syndrome causes men to have feminine-looking breasts and can also be a huge source of shame and embarrassment.

At our gynecomastia New York centers in Long Island and NYC, we want you to know more about gynecomastia causes and how to treat gynecomastia.


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Getting Older

As you age, your body changes. One of the downsides of getting older is potentially developing male breasts. This is generally caused by a hormone imbalance between the male hormone testosterone and the female hormone estrogen. This can make getting rid of man boobs even harder than in younger patients.

  • Go in for your yearly physical exam and asking for a hormone panel blood test each year to monitor hormone levels.

Abusing Alcohol

Drinking heavy amounts of alcohol can affect your body in many different ways including liver failure. It can also leave you with enlarged male breasts due to the way liver disease alters the way your body metabolizes hormones.

Side Effects of Drugs in our Gynecomastia NYC & Long Island Patients

There are many different side effects that you can develop from pharmaceutical prescription drugs. Man boobs are just one side effect of certain medications. Many types of drugs can potentially put you at risk for gynecomastia, but especially antibiotics, antidepressants, blood pressure drugs, cancer medication, ulcer medications and even some herbal remedies such as tea tree oil and lavender.

  • We suggest that if you begin to notice enlarged male breasts while taking any prescription medication, you should see your primary care physician to investigate whether an alternative drug can be taken instead.


It may sound obvious, but some men do not attribute obesity to man boobs. But it is true. If you are extremely overweight, extra fat deposits may be stored in your chest, resulting in feminine breasts (also called pseudogynecomastia).

Excessive fat also stimulates your body’s estrogen production, increasing the growth of fatty breast tissue.

  • Our doctors recommend eating a balanced diet and regular exercise to get rid of man boobs and stay fit and firm. Avoid the weight gain cycle and hormone disruptions that can lead to gynecomastia.


Believe it or not, man boobs are a common problem for a lot of bodybuilders. Those who abuse steroids can very easily develop enlarged male breasts. These steroids boost the estrogen level in the body, making you develop larger male breasts.

  • Our physicians suggest that anabolic steroids should never be taken to build muscle in an artificial way. The side effects of steroids are not worth it!

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