The Emotional Effects of Gynecomastia in Young Men. Blog by Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York in NYC and Commack.

Today’s blog is an important one to us. Male breast enlargement is a condition called gynecomastia and we help many men with it. Through these experiences with our patients, we see the same types of situations – young men who are ashamed and embarrassed of their own bodies.

Do NOT Feel Ashamed or Embarrassed

Gynecomastia is not your fault. Blog by Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York in NYC and Commack.

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Since gynecomastia causes the breasts to look like large pockets of fatty tissue, many males believe they must have a weight issue.

Friends and even family members will sometimes make comments that they should try to lose weight. Unfortunately, this is untrue. Losing weight doesn’t have anything to do with a true case of gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia is a condition that causes fatty and glandular tissue to enlarge. While some of it is fat, it’s not entirely fat. This is why losing weight doesn’t eliminate the condition entirely.

So, if you feel guilty because you have gained a few pounds and believe that is the reason you have oversized breasts, you can rest assured it is not because of your cravings. You did nothing wrong. This is what this medical condition looks like.

Chances are you feel this way because others have noticed it and have said something. Or, you have been covering up ever since you noticed a difference, and you’re afraid that more people will notice it too.

In either case, please do not be embarrassed. You are who you are and we want you to feel good about yourself. If you’re a teen, this puffiness in the breasts is normal and usually resolves itself within about two years’ time.

There Is Hope for a Flat, Male Chest

Since we completely understand what we are saying is easier said than done, we want to let you know we can help guys just like you. Through gynecomastia surgery, we can give you the flat chest you’re wishing you could have right now. Intrigued?

Call us today for more information about correction surgery. If you have had the condition for some time, our cosmetic and plastic surgeons can help you. A free consultation will give you plenty of time to ask questions and learn about the procedure.

We have appointments available Monday through Saturday. We even have evening appointments available. Just give us a call and we’ll book you a session with our cosmetic and plastic surgeons at our Manhattan or Commack, Long Island office.

Ease your mind about male breast enlargement. You did nothing wrong. There is help for you here.