Upon meeting somebody, do you ever get curious about just how old they are? Asking somebody about their age is a big social taboo, but there recently have been new techniques released to the public regarding how to better judge somebody’s age. It’s as simple as looking at their hands!

Guessing Age by the Appearance of the Hands

Some of the things to look for on the hands include:

See-Through and Wrinkled Skin – As skin thins with age, plump tissue starts to disappear underneath, giving the skin a translucent appearance. The skin on the hands is much thinner than skin on other parts of your body and will become see-through quicker. The skin on the hands will also become wrinkled quicker than skin on other areas of the body too.

  • Age Spots – Your hands are exposed to many different types of elements throughout the years. Sun, wind and pollution can all attribute to age spots on your skin. While wearing sunscreen is important, not many people think to wear it on their hands.
  • Large Veins – As your body ages, prominent veins will start to appear. One of the first areas of your body that this happens to is your hands.
  • Youthful Hands – Want to keep your hands looking radiant and young? Try using chemical peels, exfoliation and lots and lots of moisturizer. Also use sun-block on them.

Preventing Other Areas of Your Body from Aging

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