All too often, we hear awful stories about unscrupulous doctors causing harm to trusting patients. Surgeons have a responsibility to their patients to take all necessary steps and precautions to make sure each patient is a good candidate for the procedure and that there are no major safety issues.

When People Die, It Is Time to Take Notice

Sometimes, this means we need to protect patients from themselves, as illustrated in the case of former model Isel Pineda, who died at the hands of Dr. Oleg Davie, a surgeon who did not know when to say no.

Ms. Pineda, a gorgeous woman, wanted SmartLipo to make her figure even more attractive. Unfortunately, she was not a good candidate for the procedure. She had undergone a heart transplant several years earlier, and did not have “problem areas” to begin with. Even though SmartLipo is a fairly non-invasive procedure, her heart condition caused her death, due to a reaction to the plastic surgery.

Dr. Davie has been charged with manslaughter, since he performed the procedure while aware of Ms. Pineda’s condition. He even falsified medical records to cover up knowledge of her transplant. A terrible tragedy that could easily have been avoided.

Be Safe, Not Sorry!


Don’t risk this happening to you! Your best defense is doing your research and carefully selecting your doctor. A good plastic surgeon will be honest and realistic with you about risks and your candidacy.

We always put safety first, and have been known to turn down patients because we didn’t feel we could give them satisfactory results in their unique situations. Surgeons who are just out to make a buck?

Those are the ones you want to avoid. Here are some tips for picking the right surgeon for you:

  • Make good use of your consultations. Consultations give you a chance to ask questions and discuss your candidacy.
  • Seek out reviews. The more feedback you get from real patients, the better.
  • Find out as much as possible about the doctor’s safety record.
  • Don’t choose a surgeon you aren’t completely comfortable with!

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