gold-face-mask-courtesy-oodora-comYou might know that Cleopatra used to sleep in a gold mask. It was her thought that the mask had powers to make her skin soft and glowing.

Recently, some skin cream manufacturers, such as HTY, OroGold and others, have added gold particles to their skin products.

The claim is that the gold penetrates the skin and helps the collagen rebuild. As you may know, collagen is the bedrock of beautiful skin and, unfortunately, decreases in volume as you age.

There have been no real studies to date that prove that gold has any value, and the skin creams with gold are very expensive.

We prefer to use known injectable fillers and facial fat transfer that have been proven to build collagen, are immediately effective and have long-lasting results. Compared with gold particles, they are much less expensive and we know the results will be there for our patients.

Cleopatra didn’t have access to dermal fillers. We’re betting if she had, she’d have had a better night’s sleep. Imagine sleeping every night with a gold mask over your face!

Here’s to Looking as Good as Your Weight in Gold,

The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team