Giving Back to Heroes with Plastic Surgery

Larry Blevins started the Mesos Plastic Surgery Center in Lady Lake and Clermont, FL with one mission: to be able to give back to the soldiers who had fought for their country.

Now, he’s built one of the biggest aesthetic clinics in the region, pursuing his mission and desire to help others.

Blevins’ Story

Giving Back to Heroes with Plastic Surgery

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In 1991, Blevins joined the Army in the Physician Assistant Program. He went to the University of Nebraska to receive his medical training, and afterward, he became part of the Army Medical Corp. He was sent to Iraq in 2003 as a medical officer and served two tours; the second as a part of the 801st Forward Surgical Team.

As he told Daily Commercial, one of the most difficult parts of his job was that he had to walk through large groups of wounded individuals, soldiers, and civilians, and decide who required help right away, could be saved, and those who were beyond saving.

“It wasn’t easy to look into the face of an Iraqi mother whose child is lying there with a missing limb and determine if a soldier with a broken arm should be taken into surgery first.”

During his tour in 2002-2004, Blevins was exposed to a new type of laser technology that could treat scars and burns. This was part of the reason he became interested in cosmetic surgery, especially for those who had been to war.

He began Mesos as a liposuction and weight loss clinic while he waited to be released from the Army. When this finally happened in 2010, he was able to focus full-time on his clinic and to include injectables and laser procedures.

Blevins’ Clinic

For the first two years, Blevins was unable to pay himself a salary. However, he knew this was what he wanted to do, so he did not waver from his desire to make it work. After a few years of dedication, the clinic was thriving. Blevins’ wife Carrie is a registered dietician and nutritionist who also works at the center.

“The word ‘mesos’ means balance; balance between internal health and external beauty,” she says. And the Blevinses believe in this balance, especially when it comes to plastic surgery.

“I was blessed to get to serve my country for most of my adult life, and now I’m honored to work in a field where I can sever others and make a positive impact on a daily basis,” says Blevins.

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