Slimmer Thighs with Smart lipo

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Smartlipo Slims Thighs in Minutes

Smartlipo is a minimally invasive procedure that removes fat from several areas of the body, including the thighs. Laser energy dissolves fatty tissue that lies under the skin. Then, gentle suction removes the liquefied fat. The result is sleeker, smoother thighs, which are more proportionate to the body.

Many women decide on Smartlipo since it is a procedure that does not require general anesthesia. This makes the procedure much safer. In addition, the laser is gentle, which means less recovery time as compared to traditional liposuction.

What to Expect from the Procedure

Relaxation is important during the procedure. A sedative is given to calm the nerves. Once relaxed, local anesthetic is administered in the area(s) that will be treated. This numbs the area.

A 3 mm incision is made to give access to the areas to be treated. The laser is then placed inside of the body through the incision to begin liquefying the fat. Then, the suction cannula removes the liquid fat in the area.

The plastic surgeon accomplishes fat removal by way of the Smartlipo device, which directs the laser energy in specific places in order to break down the fat. The suction cannulas work alongside of the laser to quickly remove the fat.  Not all liquefied fat cells will be removed at this time, but the body will naturally remove the remaining cells during recovery.

About Recovery

Since the incision is so small, stitches are not required and there is usually no scarring. Most patients feel discomfort for about 48-72 hours. The surgeon will usually prescribe pain medication to make it more comfortable, but over-the-counter pain relievers often work well too.

Most patients are able to return to work after a couple of days (such as after a weekend of recovery). However, since there are individual differences in recovery, the plastic surgeon can provide a better timeframe for planning leave from work.

Most patients see a difference in their thighs immediately, but full results take a few months. It’s important to continue a healthy lifestyle of eating a well-balance diet and exercise to achieve maximum, long-lasting results for years to come.

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