How to Get Rid of Turkey Neck Skin Under the Chin. Blog By Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY located in Long Island and NYC.

The neck is one of the first things that people notice after the face. It is one of the telltale signs of aging.

What Happens When We Age

How to Get Rid of Turkey Neck Skin Under the Chin. Blog By Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY located in Long Island and NYC.

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As we age, our skin begins to change. It loses elasticity, which causes it to become loose and saggy. Sun damage can exacerbate these effects.

Some people also accumulate unsightly fat deposits under the chin and in the neck. This causes the skin to hang down more, which can cause the person to look even older than they are.

Neck (platysma) muscles also change as we age. They can separate and relax causing the neck area to hang and appear almost like a turkey’s wattle (thus the nickname “turkey neck”).

While there is no way to literally turn back the hands of time, there is something that can be done about loose skin, excess fat, and muscle separation under the chin and neck.

A Neck Lift May Be the Solution

A neck lift is often part of facelift surgery. It tightens up loosened neck muscles, removes excess fat, and tightens the skin under the chin.

The procedure consists of removing excess skin from the neck area, also called cervicoplasty. This usually takes about two hours, but it can take longer if fat must also be removed with laser liposuction.

With laser liposuction, fat is melted away with heat and then removed with a suction cannula. Tightening of the neck muscles may also be performed, which is known as platysmaplasty. This procedure involves making an incision underneath the chin or behind the ears. The muscles are tightened with a suture material. Scarring is minimal due to the discreet placement of the incision.

General anesthesia is used for this plastic surgery procedure. A physical and blood work are required before scheduling.

Searching for a Neck Lift Surgeon in Long Island or NYC?

A neck lift is a routine procedure that can be done by itself or as part of facelift surgery. During your free consultation, we will evaluate whether a neck lift will help you achieve the more youthful look you desire.

For every patient we see, we provide individualized plans to tighten the area and smooth away wrinkles. We understand that this step can be an exciting but frightening one, so we help ease that worry with detailed information. All of your questions will be answered, and once you leave, you will understand what can be done to resolve the wrinkling and sagging.

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