Patients who come to our NYC & Long Island liposuction practices do, in general, take care of their bodies both before and after liposuction. They tend to be people who exercise and eat right.

However, with the winter holidays upon us, a few of them have asked us what might happen if they did gain weight following liposuction.

Liposuction may remove about 80 – 85% of fat cells in a particular region. Fat cells that are removed during the liposuction procedure do not grow back since as a general rule, the body does not produce new fat cells.

If the patient later gains weight, the fat tends to be deposited and distributed proportionally over the entire body, thus all fat cells in the entire body expand equally. Since there are only about 15-20% fat cells left behind in the area which has previously undergone liposuction, the change (expansion of fat cells) will be just as noticeable there as compared to areas which have not undergone any liposuction.

If the patient gains excessive amount of weight, the treated areas may need to be liposuction once again in order to get the same result they had before.

Best tip I can offer: Don’t gain weight after lipo!

To No More Lumps or Bumps,

The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team