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Four Types of Men Seeking Cosmetic Surgery by Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY

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The American Society of Plastic Surgery released annual procedures for 2014 and it revealed more men are seeking cosmetic procedures than ever before. Due to this increase, they wanted to figure out what types of men desire cosmetic procedures. The following are those types of men – do you fit into any of these groups?

The Corporate CEO

Corporate CEOs want to look just as young as they feel inside. This type of man is a leader and he’s successful. The only problem is that he’s feeling as though his competition is closing in on him – men who are two decades younger. Corporate CEOs are most concerned with loose skin in the neck, drooping eyes, and weight gain, which are common age-related effects.

The Hard Working Dad

This man spends most of his time with his wife, children, and job. He doesn’t get to the gym as much as he would like, but is concerned about age- and lifestyle-related changes to his neck, eyes, and gut. These men are more likely to seek liposuction in the abdominal area and neck. Eyelid surgery is also popular to make the eyes look less tired.

The Body Builder

He works hard at the gym. He wants to maximize the size of his chest, shoulders, abs, and arms. He seeks plastic surgery to define areas that are not easily touched by exercise. Implants and fat transfer to make muscles look bigger are also popular for these types of men.

The Model

This guy is naturally handsome, but wants to achieve perfection. Usually, these men want a chiseled nose or higher cheekbones. While not all of these men necessarily want to be a model, they do want to look like one.

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