When Getting Rid of Man Boobs Goes Wrong: Revision Surgery

It can be difficult to take the plunge and get rid of man boobs through surgery. Many men find the procedure to be completely worthwhile and find their confidence improves rapidly after treatment. Unfortunately, some people end up with poor outcomes from gynecomastia surgery, which can prove emotionally devastating , costly, and cause the patient to feel hopeless about other solutions.

Fortunately, it’s often possible to fix bad plastic surgery with revision procedure. Many of our gynecomastia New York patients come to us for solutions to their problems caused by previous surgery. Here are some common complaints from unhappy male breast reduction patients:

Fat removal, not gland removal:

“So the doctor essentially took the fat away from around the gland, but never addressed the gland shape (because he claimed once the fat was out it would look normal again). My brother thinks the doctor screwed up by not taking the gland out, and now because one gland is bigger than the other, taking the fat out actually made his nipples look more asymmetrical then before. They’re smaller, but the shape has gotten more pronounced.”

Crater nipple deformity and scarring:

“I have discovered that the surgeon failed to remove enough gland on the left side, removed too much fat (crater deformity) on my right side, and left me with large scars (because he said my nipples were too small and he had to extend the incision). Now I have a prominent nipple on one side, a crater on the other, and scars protruding from my nipples.”

Revision surgery is more difficult than the initial procedure, due to additional scar tissue, but our Long Island & NYC gynecomastia surgeons specialize in cases such as these, and will do everything possible to improve the outcome for the patient.

Don’t give up on your self-confidence! If your first gynecomastia surgery failed, call for a free consultation at our Manhattan or Long Island offices.