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A shocking new trend turning up at many New York plastic surgery offices is the “filtered selfie” request. Instead of patients bringing in their favorite magazine clipping or a celebrity’s Instagram picture, patients are now bringing in pictures of themselves.

After running their picture through a selfie filter to enhance their skin tone and texture, correct imperfections, and alter facial features…they show the image to their plastic surgeon and request to look like their filtered picture.

Dubbed the “social media makeover” by an article posted on TakePart.com, several people were interviewed for the story including a plastic surgeon and a patient.

Taking Yourself from Virtual to Reality

Many transformations taking place in New York plastic surgery centers revolves around getting that “just right” look from the shape of the patient’s nose to their skin tone and wrinkles.

Injectables like BOTOX® Cosmetic and facial fillers offer wrinkle reduction and smoothing of creases and folds. For skin blemishes such as acne scarring or sun damage, laser skin rejuvenation is ideal and offers little down time with excellent results after one or more treatments.

Facial plastic surgery such as eye lift, facelift, neck lift, SmartlipoTM laser liposuction for a double chin, and even rhinoplasty are top choices for procedures that offer significant changes to facial features.

A patient named Nancy Chacon who was interviewed for the story said that she wanted her online image to reflect what people saw in person. She had laser skin treatments to bring out her best complexion and has been thrilled with the results.

According to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, an increase in requests for these types of social media-motivated “selfie” requests has increased by thirty-three percent in the United States alone.

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