PIlls For Gynecomastia
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The very first adhesive for holding tissue together without the use of stitches has been approved by the FDA. TissuGlu by Cohera Medical has been successfully used in 130 post-op tummy tuck procedures and is proven to be both safe and effective.

How TissuGlu Helps Post-Op Tummy Tuck Patients

In abdominoplasty surgery, the inner layer of muscle, fascia and skin are separated from each other (called “flaps”), muscle is stitched together to close any separation, and excess skin is removed.

Once surgery is completed, the patient usually has drains in the body to remove excess fluid from between the flaps and promote healing.

With TissuGlu, however, surgeons can place drops of the solution between the flaps and the substance reacts with the water in the patient’s tissue. This chemical reaction causes the tissue to adhere to the flap directly above it.

With tissue flaps effectively “sealed” together following surgery, the need for post-operative drains is eliminated. In the study that garnered approval from the FDA, 73% of patients who received TissueGlu rather than drains had no complications requiring intervention to remove fluid from between the tissue flaps.

Though using TissuGlu does not reduce post-op tummy tuck pain, participants in the study reported that they were able to both move around and shower sooner than the patients in the other group that received drains.

Looking for Abdominoplasty in Long Island or NYC?

After losing a significant amount of weight or having children, many women experience sagging skin and separated abdominal muscles. This can cause discomfort when exercising and produce a protruding abdomen, even in patients at their ideal weight.

A tummy tuck in our NY centers is a highly effective solution for excess skin and loose abdominal muscles. Our highly-qualified plastic and cosmetic surgeons specialize in procedures such as mini-tummy tuck, full-tummy tuck, and mommy makeover (which can also include breast surgery and/or liposuction).

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