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If you’ve ever noticed other women’s breasts, you’ve probably realized there are many different sizes, but also a variety of shapes.

With breast implants, women have been limited to two different styles to choose from – round (regular & high profile) or anatomical. While round seems to be the most desired shape for breasts, it’s not always what looks best on patients.

Some patients naturally have oval or teardrop shaped breasts. In fact, the plastic surgery industry has always intended to provide consumers with the most natural-looking results. Recently, they have especially succeeded in achieving this by offering different breast implant styles.

Different Styles for Your Best Look Ever

These new breast implant styles are the next step in completely customized breast implants. The different shapes enable women to choose the height, width, and the projection of the implants.

MemoryShape® implants are filled with cohesive gel silicone and come from the leading breast implant manufacturer, Mentor. Other breast implant manufacturers are now also getting into the market of customizable shapes. Soon, these types of implants will be widely available to all plastic surgeons.

The news of FDA approval of the Mentor MemoryShape® product comes with great excitement. Patients always ask us how they can get the most natural-looking breasts possible. Soon, we will be able to tell them that they can get completely customized implants.

Patients can see examples, match them to the shape they already have, or try something completely new. Options are important to our patients because they want the freedom to choose the exact breast shape they have in mind.

Looking for a Breast Augmentation in Long Island or NYC?

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