Fashion Tips for Smaller Busts. Blog By Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY located in Long Island and NYC.

If you’re small chested, you probably struggle from time to time with certain shirt or dress styles. Since we are in the business of helping women look their very best, we thought we would offer some fashion tips on how to take away attention from a smaller bust and shift attention to your other assets.

Show off your arms.

Fashion Tips for Smaller Busts. Blog By Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY located in Long Island and NYC.

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Arms are sexy! Show them off with sleeveless shirts and halter tops. People will be so impressed with your lovely arms that they won’t even realize you’re small breasted. If you struggle with loose upper arms (like many of us do), you can do triceps and biceps exercises at the gym.

Shoulder are sexy, too.

Shoulders are just as nice as arms. That’s why there are shirts that show off your shoulders (think shoulder cut outs!) with either short or long sleeves. They are an ideal style for those with smaller breasts because they attract the eye to the shoulders instead.

Layering can add the depth you need.

Layers give you depth to your outfit. Wear a tank top underneath a blouse that opens low, and then wear a blazer or another small jacket on top. No one will notice your breast size with that beautiful ensemble.

Bring out the color!

Colors are your best friends. Go bright and let the designs be bold. It will take attention away from your chest and you’ll look absolutely stunning.

Flowy bottoms are best.

Tighter up top and flowy on the bottom is perfect. It will give you a nicely defined look that will make you feel as though you have it “going on.”

Wear flashy necklaces.

Accentuate the area right above the chest with chunky jewelry. Flashy necklaces can do that for you. Go big with bold colors, and people will be so taken away with the beauty of the necklace that they won’t be looking at your chest.

Go for ruffles and pleats.

Ruffles and pleats are great to hide breasts behind. You can do it with light or dark colors. Some tops even have embellishments on the ruffles and pleats that can add another level of beauty.

Thinking About Breast Augmentation in Long Island or NYC?

If these and other fashion tips are just not enough to make you feel better about your small cup size, breast augmentation might be an option to consider. Implants (saline or silicone gel) or a 100% natural breast augmentation with fat transfer can be a great way to get the breast size you want. Then, you’ll feel more confident in anything you wear.

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