Get the best beauty tips for fall form aound the web by A. Abraham Levin, MD | NYC & Long Island Cosmetic Surgeon
Fall beauty tips and trends for women by Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York.

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Fall is the perfect time to brush up on skin care and do some post-summer repair. With summer comes more time outdoors, the potential for being dehydrated in hot weather, and more frequent use of chemical-containing sunscreens.

Here are your fall skin care and beauty tips from some the best voices in the industry.


Skin Care for 50+ Women

Cindy Joseph is a makeup artist-turned-supermodel. She knows her stuff! On her website for her new cosmetics line, Boom, she shares some beauty secrets for mature women.

  1. Stay away from powder-based makeup (foundation or finishing powder), as it can add texture to the skin and cause you to look older.
  2. Be modest when filling in eyebrows. A bolder look (such as what you had in your 20’s) will make brows look odd and out of place.
  3. Find a foundation that exactly matches your skin. The point of foundation is to even out skin tone (bye-bye sun spots). Choose an exact match for best overall results.
  4. Stop wearing eye shadow. She swears that shadow can cause lids to appear more crepe-y and using a deeper color in the crease can intensify an already hollow look.


Skin Care for Younger Women

Healthy skin starts from the inside. Be sure to drink upwards of 8-9 glasses of water a day to keep skin fully hydrated (fewer fine lines/wrinkles) and to flush away toxins in the body that can manifest themselves in skin issues such as acne, redness, and blackheads.

Eat a clean diet. Whole, nutritious foods are best for your body as well as your skin. Stay away from processed, packaged foods made in a factory that contain preservatives and chemicals that can cause harm. Focus on eating an antioxidant-rich rainbow of fruits and veggies each day as well as eating plenty of protein to nourish your cells and encourage cell renewal.

Exercise (work up a sweat). The skin is one of your body’s systems used to release toxins and cleanse itself. When you sweat, you’re clearing out pores, allowing your skin to be cleaner. Work up a sweat at least 4 times per week.

Use chemical-free beauty products. Your skin has to deal with enough environmental toxins every day, why slather them on your skin? Today’s most effective products are those that contain antioxidants, organic ingredients, and that nourish your skin rather than introduce more chemicals.

From face wash to putting the finishing touches on your eyelashes, preservative-free skin care and cosmetics are both easy to find and affordable.


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