Rather than rushing in to any permanent surgical procedure, take a moment to read some of the factors to consider first. These are directly from our rhinoplasty Long Island surgeon from the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team.

After looking in the mirror for years at a nose that you wish would look different, you may be at a point where a rhinoplasty or nose job is something you are seriously considering.

Things to Discuss During Consultation

What Do You Bring to the Operating Table?

Well, a consultation is your first step in finding out which type of procedure would benefit you the most. Since each nose is different, the plastic surgeon needs to evaluate the work you want done, the existing cartilage and bone, as well as your skin type.

An expert surgeon such as those on the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team who has years of nose job procedures under his belt will know that these factors are essential to establishing a baseline for what can or cannot be accomplished for you.

They take all of these factors and can give their patient’s nose just the right amount of lift, reduction, or adjustment to give them the best nose job results possible.

Things to Know Before Nose Job Surgery

During your consultation, the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team will also evaluate the quality and quantity of the cartilage, skin, and bone that you currently have. For patients who have weak or missing cartilage due to a birth defect or injury, cartilage from another part of the body may be used to add to the internal structure of the nose to make it strong and last a lifetime.

Thin skin is best! For patients who have thick, oily skin, a nose job may be a real challenge. It is up to the skill and experience of the nose job surgeon to determine how he can reconstruct the new shape of the nose internally to produce excellent results on the outside.

Patients with thinner skin do best because their skin will firmly attach itself and shrink down to the nose’s new shape.

Contact us to book a free consultation today with the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team to find out if a nose job is right for you!