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Facelift Surgery

As we age, certain tell-tale signs begin to emerge in both men and women. Our facelift (rhytidectomy) surgeons specialize in surgical intervention to reverse the visible signs of aging in the face.

The effects of aging can come from fatty deposits in unwanted places (such as under eye bags), muscles that have become loose (such as on the neck), and skin that has started sagging which produces wrinkles.

Best Candidates For Facelift Surgery

  • Patients who get the very best results from a facelift have realistic expectations for results after surgery.
  • Feel free to bring in a picture of yourself at a time before you were showing as many signs of aging.
  • Our facial plastic surgeon will discuss what can be accomplished as well as give you a better idea of whether you would benefit from a full facelift or a combination of one or more: lower, mid, or upper facelift.
  • Ideal candidates should be in good health with no major concerns and who are healthy enough to undergo surgery with general anesthesia.
  • We require that our patients stop smoking at least two weeks before their surgery and not again after their procedure. The chemicals in cigarettes have a negative effect on how the blood flows through the blood vessels and capillaries to the skin. Since this creates an obstacle for the body to heal itself after surgery, we require that all patients stop smoking altogether.

The Facelift Procedure

Consultation Tips

Be sure to speak to us during your consultation regarding any questions you may have about the face lift. We will give you special, one-on-one attention no matter if you need to speak to us on the phone or come by one of our offices to see us in person. We want every patient to feel informed and educated when they step into the operating room. We are here to help!

If you need help with financing your facelift, we can give you more information about CareCredit as well as several other cosmetic procedure financing companies. We will always work with you to arrive at a final price that works for you.


The Advanced Difference

Our cosmetic and plastic surgeons offer unprecedented attention to detail and superior results. Hundreds of New York residents seeking cosmetic procedures have already chosen ACSNY as their solution because...

  • Board certified - We have board certified plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons, each with decades of experience.
  • AAAHC - We use our own AAAHC accredited surgical centers
  • Free transportation to and from your procedure
  • 0% interest and zero-down options available O.A.C. through our accepted 3rd party financing providers.

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