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Have you had abdominal liposuction to get a flat tummy? Are you thinking about doing it? The benefit of being able to suck out unwanted fat from the belly is very convenient!

Liposuction has risen to the number one procedure performed in the United States (ASAPS, March 2015) after being the third most popular cosmetic surgery just a few years ago (in 2011).

What about your health? Are there any studies that back up the notion that by removing the fat, your health will see improvements? The answer may surprise you.


Evidence is Black & White

Believe it or not, a Brazilian study from 2012 found that patients who underwent abdominal liposuction found that patients actually gained compensatory visceral fat in the abdomen.

The only way to avoid this is with regular exercise.

Compensatory weight gain is when the body makes up for a deficit of fat in one area and shifts it to another area. In this case, abdominal liposuction to remove subcutaneous fat (under the skin) can lead to the body storing dangerous visceral fat (between the abdominal organs).

Deep visceral fat has been linked to a higher risk of developing diabetes (type 2), cardiovascular/heart disease, and other conditions that are typically seen in obese populations.


Study Details From Abdominal Liposuction Patients

Dr. Fabiana Braga Benatti, PhD and her team not only wanted to see if the body would compensate for liposuction fat removal by adding fat to another area of the body. They were also interested in seeing what effects on metabolism took place.

The study subjects experienced a decrease in total energy expenditure (lower metabolic rate) and the growth of visceral fat in the abdomen. There were 36 female subjects selected for this study.


No Exercise, Know Gain

The study participants were then split in half and 50% were asked to participate in an exercise program for 16 weeks. Some interesting findings took place:

  • Those that exercised did not gain dangerous visceral fat in the abdomen, while the non-exercise group gained 10% more visceral fat.
  • Those in the non-exercise group ate fewer calories than the group that exercised, indicating a lower metabolism (lower total energy expenditure & lower caloric needs).

The researchers’ recommendations following this study were summed up in a quote from Dr. Benatti:

…health professionals are encouraged to recommend exercise training as an intervention following liposuction surgery.


Get Liposuction Advice From Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY

Have questions or need advice about how to maintain your health after lipo? We can help you learn more about what types of exercises can help you keep the weight off. Being informed today can help save your health tomorrow.

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**This article is not intended to provide medical advice or to be used as a substitute for seeking the advice and treatment of a medical professional. Always speak to your doctor about whether liposuction is right for you and to assess whether or not you are healthy enough for surgery.

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