In many aspects of life, we find inspiration in others whom we admire for one reason or another. Of late, Hollywood has sent us into a booty-craze, with many stars popular primarily for their shapely and curvaceous rear.

In fact, those who are very smart when it comes to branding themselves have used this area to further their careers and gain recognition.

Let’s take a look at a few of the stars that are responsible for the rise in the number of Brazilian Butt Lift procedures that our cosmetic surgery New York City and Long Island team performs.

celebrity1Famous Rear Ends We Love to Admire

We do not often get a front-row seat for the viewing of Gaga’s derriere, but when she sheds her bizarre getups, what is underneath is downright surprising.

She may be a super-thin waif, but Rihanna maintains some inspirational junk in her trunk.

Jenny from the Block was, perhaps, one of the first celebs to send women flocking to the nearest plastic surgeon’s office for buttock enhancement.

One of the most famous butts known today is Kim Kardashian’s, who was rumored at one time to have had butt-implants.

Inspiring a number of beauty trends, Beyonce’s butt is another shape that many plastic surgery patients refer to when inquiring about butt-enhancing procedures.

How Buttock Enhancement is Done

Between 2010-2011, in just one year, buttock augmentation procedures rose by 38%, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Women all around the world are looking to those like we have pictured here and seeing that a large backside is the opposite of fat, but actually quite a desirable feature.

The Brazilian Butt Lift is the most commonly performed cosmetic enhancement of the backside, shaping the butt to perfect proportions based on the patient’s aesthetic goals and physique. With this fat grafting procedure, patients can have unwanted fat taken from an area such as the abdomen or the thighs and transplanted it into the buttocks for a rounder, perkier rear.

The fat transfer butt lift procedure (also referred to as the Brazilian butt lift), when compared to butt implants, produces more natural-looking results. There are instances, however, when implants are the better option.

In order for fat grafting to work, the patient must have an adequate amount of body fat. In more petite patients who lack the amount of fat that is necessary for transplantation, surgery cannot be performed.

Your cosmetic surgeon has various options that will allow you to channel your own muse. Whether through a butt lift procedure with fat grafting, or buttock implants to give you the backside you weren’t born with, it is possible to love the curves of your body.

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