Dr. Miami Lands Original Series on WE TV. Blog By Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY located in Long Island and NYC.

WE tv will be airing a new plastic surgery series called Dr. Miami. The network announced the premiere will air at the end of this month, at 10 PM ET/PT Friday, March 31st. The new series set in the “Sunshine State” centers around the “eccentric and larger-than-life”

Dr. Michael Salzhaver is also known as “Dr. Miami” and “the booty whisperer” to the world. This new docuseries is uncensored and follows the real life antics of this popular plastic surgeon and his patients.

Who Is Dr. Miami?

Dr. Miami Lands Original Series on WE TV. Blog By Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY located in Long Island and NYC.

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Michael Salzhaver is a top Florida plastic surgeon, as well as a social media pioneer in the cosmetic surgery industry. He has acquired millions of followers from around the globe by sharing his procedures—uncensored, unconventional, and raw on social media platforms.

He adoringly refers to his patients as “beauty warriors.” They bravely undergo nose jobs, tummy tucks, breast augmentations, Brazilian butt lifts, and mommy makeovers live in front of millions. Dr. Miami and his staff Snapchat so much that he earned a Shorty Award nomination for the 2016 Snapchatter of the Year.

About the Show

The show captures the snip, tuck, and nip of the day—everyday. The new WE tv series is not only original, but it’s hilarious! The show captures behind-the-scenes looks at the doctor, staff, patients, and their family members as they prepare for surgery time.

The doc is getting more famous by the day, his popularity continues to soar, and with that being said, so does the tension, competition, and ego of his staff.

The team members are hungry for exposure and the doctor’s approach to life and doctoring is entertaining, funny, and definitely unique. One thing can be said about Dr. Miami as his “beauty warriors” prepare for their procedures: The ease of his patients is focused upon throughout the entire process, especially as they go under the knife. His way of making them feel comfortable with his humor and personality is remarkable.

Every episode will feature two different patient stories with uncensored and unprecedented viewing access. From start to finish, from consultation to reveal, millions will be watching on television for the first time ever to witness the remarkable reveals of each one of these incredible journeys.

The shows are scheduled as one hour episodes. Six episodes are set for the first season of the series. During the first show, Adam Barla, superstar collaborator best known for his work with The Octomom and Honey Booboo, is on a mission to have a perfectly sculpted chin and nose.

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