img_0012Dr. A. Abraham Levin recently acquired Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York and holds the title of Medical & Surgical Director of our two practices in NYC & Long Island.

In a recent meeting with our patient care coordinators, Dr. Levin shared his philosophy regarding patient care. He also discussed how he ensures that patients receive better results than from most other cosmetic surgeons in the state.

Anatomy of the First Consultation

It’s important to do research on which cosmetic surgeon to choose. One of the best ways to find out whether a doctor is “worth their weight in gold” is to interview them!

In your first consultation with Dr. Levin, you can expect to learn the following information:

  • His philosophy on patient care and delivering compassionate treatments as if each patient were his own family member.
  • What is means to him to have the great responsibility and privilege of being trusted to perform aesthetics procedures.
  • His fatherly approach to each patient as he humbly works to earn each patient’s trust.
  • His intentions to be 100% honest and upfront in every discussion he has as well as helping patients truly understand what to expect from their procedure.


With Dr. Levin, It’s Not All About the Money

In his recent meeting, Dr. Levin expressed some refreshing sentiments regarding his philosophy on being cost-appealing while remaining at the highest level of patient care and quality results.

First, he ensures that our surgical suites are up to date with all required certifications such as our AAAHC accreditation. The equipment used in our procedures is always in good working order.

For Smartlipo & gynecomastia surgery, he uses a special technique (where appropriate) where general anesthesia is not needed. Instead, he uses a special “cocktail” of IV sedation to put the patient into a twilight sleep.

Also, local anesthetic is used with a special solution (during liposuction and gynecomastia surgery, for example) that includes sterile saline, a special solution to reduce bleeding, and local anesthetic for maximum comfort upon waking.

Another benefit of performing procedures in this way is that the cost is lower than with procedures that use general anesthesia. General is very expensive, so eliminating its use allows for a more reasonable cost to our patients.

Dr. Levin stated in his meeting, “We’re not about trying to squeeze money out of the patients, instead we are trying to be flexible with pricing to help it be a win-win for everyone.”


Looking for Superior Care & Highly Qualified Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons?

At Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York, we offer that and so much more. Many of our patients tell their family and friends that they felt like they were “treated like royalty” by our staff and surgeons.

What else can we say? We love our patients!

Call our laser lipo NYC centers and get ready for summer today. In Manhattan our office number is (212) 206-0023 and in Commack, Long Island we can be reached at (631) 499-1831.