The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released an official warning to Americans considering plastic surgery in the Dominican Republic. After at least 18 women underwent plastic surgery in the Dominican Republic and became infected with disfiguring bacteria, the CDC is warning people to avoid medical tourism.

What Is Medical Tourism?

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Medical tourism involves traveling to another country for medical procedures (including plastic surgery) because it can be less expensive. Unfortunately, you get what you pay for when you turn to other countries for surgery.

Some overseas doctors are solely seeking to make money, and will use unsterilized equipment and low quality implants, fillers, etc. This can cause many problems for patients – some have even died due to the inexperience of the surgeons combined with the low quality medical settings.

About the Disfiguring Bacteria Infection

The case of disfiguring bacteria is a serious one. This bacterium is called mycobacteria. Treatment is difficult. People who are infected with mycobacterium need to undergo surgery, and must take antibiotics for many months.

Even with that course of treatment, it’s not guaranteed they will be cured from the infection. The infection attacks the skin and lungs, and the National Jewish Health Respiratory Health Hospital in Denver reported that 80 percent of sufferers have swelling and pain. Many patients also report they have moderate to severe scarring from the infections.

Clinics in the Dominican Republic

The CDC has gathered information about 21 women who have contracted the infection after visiting five plastic surgery centers in the Dominican Republic. While only 18 have been confirmed, the other three are probable cases.

It’s unclear exactly how the women became infected, but it could have either been from the instruments used or from the tap water in the country that entered the wounds. Since many of the women who suffered an infection visited the same clinics, it’s likely that those specific clinics are not a wise choice for plastic surgery procedures.

Choose Wisely – Your Live Depends on It

When choosing a plastic surgeon in New York or beyond, choose wisely. Your life depends on it. While you may save money on a procedure, it’s not worth the risk. You could end up spending more money on treatments for infections or from fixing a botched surgery.

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