Does Sitting Affect Your Brazilian Butt Lift Results? Blog By Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY located in Long Island and NYC.

According to most plastic and cosmetic surgeons, it is not a good decision to sit for long periods of time—or at all—after getting a Brazilian butt lift. As a result, a desk job could, in fact, negatively affect your results.

Sitting for Hours on End

Does Sitting Affect Your Brazilian Butt Lift Results? Blog By Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY located in Long Island and NYC.

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The new fat cells that were transferred need time to become established in their new area. Because of this, it is detrimental to sit for long periods of time after getting a fat transfer to the buttocks. This could result in fat cells dying off due to not getting enough blood flow in order to flourish.

How Long Should I Avoid Sitting?

Every doctor has his or her own opinion about how long one should avoid sitting after this procedure. Some suggest not sitting for longer than 10 minutes at a time and getting up every so often in order to stimulate blood flow and to take the pressure off the region. Additionally, many suggest putting a pillow on the seat bottom to avoid the pressure of being pressed against a hard surface.

Other medical professionals, however, maintain that those who have received a BBL should not sit or sleep on their back at all for two to three weeks. This, they say, is the only surefire way to avoid issues with the procedure and its results.

What Can I Do At Work?

Some people take a couple of weeks off of work, while others simply make adjustments to their regular working schedule. For example, instead of sitting at a desk for hours at a time, they set a timer to remind themselves to get up and use the restroom or walk across the office to get a drink of water. This is actually something people should do anyway, so it's a great way to get used to taking a break every so often.

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