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A British-based cosmetic surgery practice, The Hospital Group, conducted a survey to learn why UK women are asking for more buttock lifts and body sculpting procedures.

Lipo is up 64% since last year, for example. No doubt, bottoms like JLo’s, Beyonce’s and Kim Kardashian’s are at least in part responsible.

According to the survey, an astonishing 85% of surveyed women said they worried about the size and shape of their derriere. Approximately 55% said they were self-conscious about their back porch and 62% were concerned about how to either hide it or maximize it during the upcoming holiday season.

Amusingly, the survey revealed 4 separate and unique bottom shapes, including:

  • The tomato, possessed by 45% of British women, which is big, plump, round and squishy.
  • The potato shape, which is wide, long and frumpy, is, unfortunately, owned by 35% of British women.
  • The pear bum is narrow at the top and wider at the bottom.
  • The perfect butt is called the nectarine, and looks like two bowling balls side by side. Considering the popularity of the sport there, one wonders why that one wasn’t called the Croquet.

As in the UK, Brazilian butt lift and buttock augmentation procedures are becoming more popular in the US, with an annual procedure rate of nearly 5,000 in 2009, an increase of 37% over 2008. We prefer to liposuction fat from one part of the patient’s body and transfer that fat to build a better bottom rather than using implants.

This method gives the patient the opportunity to resculpt the rest of her body while utilizing her own fat for a rounder and more attractive rump. The fat is much more comfortable and is more natural looking than implants, which require a more prolonged recovery time and can shift about, causing the potential for an uneven look.

Our Brazilian butt lift NYC and Long Island surgeons routinely perform this procedure. Fat transfer to the buttocks has become quite popular for its natural cushion and the added advantage of body sculpting using liposuction.

To a Better Bum,

The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team