South Korean veterinarians are performing cosmetic surgery on pets.
Disturbing New Trend: Plastic Surgery for Pets in South Korea

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In South Korea, the “plastic surgery capital of the world”, it’s estimated that about 20% of women have had cosmetic enhancement of some sort.

For pet owners, their aesthetic scrutiny has now turned to their pets.


Cosmetic Surgeons and Vets Now Treating Pets

Although enhancements were previously exclusively for medical purposes, pet owners are now bringing Fluffy in for a nip or a tuck.

A South Korean newspaper (Chosun Ilbo) was the first to report on this trend and to interview an anonymous veterinarian who is seeing clients that have had surgery or will soon be going under the knife.

In dog breeds, certain characteristics are what used to make them more appealing than other breeds. Now however, South Korean pet owners are altering their pets’ appearance to better suit their personal taste.


Have They Gone Too Far?

Some pets are getting wrinkle relaxing injections in their face, excess skin removed, stretch marks cut away, and liposuction for being overweight. I think we can all agree that a pet doesn’t care about their appearance and can’t help the way they look. How can this possibly be fair to the dogs or humane for that matter?

It should be noted that when surveyed by Daily Vet magazine, South Korean pet owners were split on whether or not this practice was OK. Sixty-three percent did not agree with cosmetic surgery for pets and said it should not be allowed.


Plastic Surgery for Humans in New York

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