Where there was once a good deal of apprehension surrounding the breast augmentation procedure using implants, more of our breast implants NYC patients are now finding their optimal figure through this successful cosmetic surgery.

In fact, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that the breast augmentation procedure is currently the most common surgical aesthetic enhancing procedure performed in the United States.  2011 saw over three hundred thousand such procedures in the U.S. alone, a rise in demand by 4 percent from the previous year.

When women were once more hesitant to receive this procedure, why now would it be so incredibly popular?

Why Breast Implants are So Popular

In the past, and even today, there are several myths and rumors that still go on about breast augmentation with implants.  However, our breast augmentation Long Island patients report that, due to better science, technology, and unbiased information, they feel far more comfortable moving forward toward their ideal shape with the help of a skilled cosmetic surgeon.

Busting Myths About Breast Implants

One of the concerns that patients of the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team voice when they first visit our practice is, “Will my breasts look natural?” This is a very relevant question, actually, because there was a time when the wrong technique was paired with the wrong implant and the result was indeed quite unnatural indeed.

Fortunately, advances in both skill and technology have brought us to a point in cosmetic surgery where implants look and feel very much like the natural breast.

Today, silicone implants are safer than ever, especially with the advent of the new gummy bear implant.   However, patients may choose between silicone-filled and saline implants, which are simply encapsulated in a strong silicone shell.

Inserting implants underneath muscle tissue allows for a very natural appearance as well, eliminating need for concern over both a fake appearance and concern over future sagging.  With skill and the right technology, such as is used in our facilities, our patients experience stellar breast augmentation results that produce confidence in their shape.

Ensuring Function through Communication

Function of the breast is another concern that some women have when considering augmentation. Specifically, how breast implants might affect future nursing.  Today, surgeons make every effort to insert implants in such a way as to leave all milk ducts and vital components intact.

When you consult with our Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team regarding the type of implant, be sure to discuss saline or silicone, shape and texture, size, and location of incision, as each factor may play a role in the overall function of the breast following breast augmentation surgery.

Our priority is supplying our patients with the best care possible, which comes from skillful listening and education.  When our patients are given up-to-date scientific data, they can feel more confident that there is no truth to the various myths surrounding breast implant surgery.

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