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Uma Thurman turned heads on February 9, 2015 looking like a different person completely. The rumors started flying that she must have had plastic surgery to produce such a dramatic change of appearance.

According to several plastic surgeons interviewed over the last week or so, the consensus is divided about whether she had any surgical procedures done.

Here’s why…

Was It BOTOX® Cosmetic or Just a Makeover?

In her red carpet picture taken at “The Slap” premiere, Uma appears to have someone else’s face. She was nearly unrecognizable, sparking a bad deja vu of Renee Zellweger’s shocking transformation.

However, Uma has denied any such procedures stating on the “Today Show” that it was simply makeup changes that made her look different. She jokingly said that she wouldn’t try that look again because of “how well the dark lipstick worked the other night!”

In examining her appearance more closely, it is also her hairstyle and eye makeup that contributed to the change. First, her hair was swept all the way to the right, exposing her forehead. Most of the time, Uma has bangs covering part of her forehead.

Additionally, her eye makeup was missing, specifically mascara and eyeliner, which can dramatically alter someone’s look when you’re used it seeing them with eye makeup on.

Dr. Mark Norfolk weighed in on her new look by surmising that, if anything, she likely had a lower blepharoplasty to remove under eye bags. He stated that it was only her eye area that showed changes.

Other plastic surgeons in NYC and beyond have been interviewed for a variety of magazines and news stories citing that they suspect she may have had some BOTOX® Cosmetic done but nothing else.

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