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We were surprised to see the poor abdominal contours on Mr. Cruise, knowing he certainly has the financial wherewithal to choose a liposuction procedure with virtually any surgeon he might wish.

Our analysis of this photo tells us that he most likely had a bad liposuction and that his abdomen looks this way because he probably had traditional lipo using large suction canula under general or deep intravenous sedation.

In such cases, the procedure can lead to lumpiness at times since the patient is “knocked out” and cannot stand up to evaluate the extent of smoothness of the abdomen.

If you were Tom Cruise’s cosmetic surgeon, would you recommend a repeat lipo (touch-up) using Smartlipo? Under local anesthesia (tumescent technique), a micro-canula (a very small canula) is used to produce smooth results.

The Smartlipo will melt fat and “bumpy areas” and the small canula (micro-canula) will ensure that small portions of fat are suctioned out gently.

This fine tunes the procedure by targeting only specific areas of the abdomen and also make it very gentle (less painful) and smooth. What do you think? Does his photo look normal to you?

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