Kim Zolciak from Real Housewives of Atlanta and her own spinoff Don’t Be Tardy recently deleted an Instagram photo of her daughter Brielle after fans responded with speculation she had plastic surgery.

At this time, neither mother nor daughter are admitting to plastic surgery in response to the drastic changes to Brielle’s face over the last several weeks.

When you look at the photo Zolciak posted on Instagram, her daughter’s face does look significantly different. Critics have been quick to jump to plastic surgery as the cause since Kim had several procedures herself, drastically changing her own appearance over the last few years.

Fans are mostly upset that Kim and Brielle won’t come forward with the truth, or at least what they believe is the truth. It was just last week that Kim told TMZ her daughter has never “gone on the knife” and she’s only had lip fillers.

One of the commenters on the photo before it was deleted said this:

“Imao oh please, kim doesnt even believe those lies. her daughter has received fillers & botox not only in her lips but EVERYWHERE on her face & I wouldnt be surprised if she received a non invasive nose job too.”

Another commenter said:

“Poor Brielle. She looks up to her mother and Kim’s standards are awful. Brielle is a beautiful girl and needed nothing, absolutely nothing, done to her face. Kim should be ashamed of herself because of the example she sets for her girls.”

What We All Need to Remember

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Cosmetic surgery is a personal decision. It’s up to Brielle if she wants to enhance her beauty through a plastic surgery procedure. Since she is young and in the limelight along with her mother, it’s a bit more difficult for her to make personal decisions, as others freely throw their opinions at her – no matter how offensive.

If you’re contemplating plastic surgery, do not let the thoughts, opinions, and reactions of others affect your personal decision. Everyone should live their life the way they want to live it because the consequences are their own.

Whether or not Brielle had plastic surgery isn’t what is important. What’s important is whether or not she is happy. If she’s happy with the way she looks and feels, isn’t that all that matters?

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