Actress & singer Countess Vaughn showed the world her new body on September 13, 2015 via several beautiful Instagram photos.

She shared that she had lost three dress sizes after working hard to eat fewer calories and exercising regularly. But, like many women, certain areas of her body simply would not respond to diet and exercise.

In those cases, liposuction is the ideal solution to trim inches and bulges from areas like the belly, hips, waist, and thighs. Countess Vaughn had her lipo procedure on camera in the reality show she stars in called “Hollywood Divas”.

“It's very important, if not exercise after liposuction." -Dr. Fabiana Braga Benatti

How Did She Do It?

In an interview published on the EurWeb website, Countess Vaughn describes snacking throughout the day rather than eating two large meals.

She also added exercise to her routine, explaining that she prefers walking instead of hitting the gym.

She also revealed that she has thyroid issues that have made it very difficult to lose weight.

Her “secret” has been good old-fashioned portion control and limiting her total caloric intake while increasing her exercise.

Liposuction was just the cherry on top to help her get the shape she was looking for.

Post-Liposuction Exercise is Extremely Important

Learn how Countess Vaughn of Hollywood Divas lost three dress sizes.

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According to studies in recent years, exercising after liposuction can prevent new fat from forming deep in the abdomen (also referred to as dangerous visceral fat).

Since liposuction removes fat from a specific area of the body, it has been found that the body will compensate by gaining deep abdominal fat. However, the one way to combat this is with exercise.

Post-lipo exercise doesn’t have to be extreme or even something that you do every single day. In fact, in one of the studies mentioned above, subjects exercised just three times per week doing cardio and lifting weights.

The study author, Dr. Fabiana Braga Benatti stated that it was “very important, if not essential” for people to exercise after liposuction to prevent visceral fat from accumulating.

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